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Vestry Book of Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, Va

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This book written in 1923 has 372 pages including a 9 page index.

Vestry Records contain lists of taxes collected and from whom (revenue); some deaths, and welfare information, such as payments to people caring for indigents; the church paying for caskets and burials for the indigent; the sick, disabled or orphans being placed in peoples homes with an allowance for their care; etc.; also, various donations to the church, and craftsmen who worked on the church (expenses).


Adcock, Adcocks, Alden, Aldin, Alldin, Allen, Allin, Allstone, Alphin, Alstone, Anderson, Andersons, Andertons, Anne, Anthony, Appleton, Armistead, Armstead, Axe, Bachelder, Baden, Baker, Bakers, Baldin, Baldwin, Baldwins, Ball, Ballance, Balwin, Banerman, Bannerman, Barbee, Barden, Barkley, Barnes, Barnet, Barrick, Barron, Bartho, Bartholomew, Barwick, Basket, Baskett, Batchelder, Batcheldor, Batcheller, Bateman, Bawl, Bearkley, Bearnan, Beaverley, Beaverly, Bell, Berkeley, Berkley, Berkly, Berrick, Berry, Berwick, Bests, Beuford, Bevan, Beverley, Beverleys, Beverly, Bewford, Biggs, Bird, Birds, Birk, Bishops, Blackbourne, Blackburn, Blackhourne, Blackley, Blackmore, Blaike, Blaikes, Blake, Blakey, Blalke, Blewford, Bohannah, Bond, Bonds, Boodle, Booker, Booth, Borden, Boreskel, Boreskill, Borroskell, Boswell, Bowman, Boyd, Brame, Branch, Brandon, Branshaw, Bream, Brereton, Briant, Bridge, Brim, Bristo, Bristoll, Bristow, Bromel, Brook, Brookes, Brooks, Browne, Brumel, Brummel, Brummell, Brumwell, Brurnel, Bryant, Bucher, Buford, Burd, Burgh, Burk, Burnham, Burnharn, Burtin, Butcher, Butler, Buttler, Cain, Caine, Calahan, Calahann, Callaham, Callahan, Calleham, Callehan, Cambel, Cambridg, Campble, Canida, Cannady, Cannedy, Cant, Cardwell, Carrell, Carroll, Cary, Catlett, Catlitt, Chaney, Chedle, Cheedle, Cheedles, Chewning, Chichley, Chilton, Chirurg, Chowning, Chrisp, Churchhill, Churchill, Clack, Clark, Clarke, Clarks, Clay, Cloudas, Clowdas, Cock, Cocking, Cocks, Coffle, Coffley, Coggin, Cogin, Coging, Cole, Collins, Colly, Comberland, Comings, Cooper, Corban, Corbin, Corbins, Cosley, Cotes, Crannavett, Creeke, Crisp, Crocker, Crosfield, Crosley, Crosly, Croudas, Crowdans, Crutchfield, Cumings, Cumins, Curlis, Curliss, Curtice, Curtis, Daniel, Daniell, Daniells, Darby, Davidson, Davies, Davis, Day, Deacon, Deagle, Deale, Degge, Deputy, Deverdale, Devine, Devol, Digg, Diggs, Dillard, Dobbins, Dobbs, Docker, Dockers, Dodson, Doe, Donlavy, Dowrey, Dowries, Dudding, Dudley, Dudly, Duell, Dun, Dunkington, Dunlevy, Dunstan, Dye, Eberson, Eddington, Edey, Elliot, Elliots, Elliott, Elliotts, Emberson, Etrages, Evans, Falkner, Fearn, Fercharson, Finick, Finlee, Finley, Finly, Finnick, Fisher, Floyd, Folke, Forget, Forgett, Fox, Foxe, Frazier, Freeman, Freeston, Freestone, French, Frestons, Furnett, Gailbraith, Gaines, Gains, Gardiner, Gardner, Gayns, Gayre, George, Gest, Gibbs, Gibs, Gibson, Gillets, Gilliam, Goar, Goodloe, Goodridge, Goodwin, Gorden, Gordon, Gore, Goulder, Graves, Gray, Greenwood, Gresom, Griffin, Grimes, Grissum, Grymes, Gues, Guest, Guilliams, Guthrey, Guthry, Gutterey, Guttery, Guttrey, Guttry, Hackney, Haines, Haley, Hammet, Hammon, Hampton, Handson, Hardee, Hardin, Harding, Hardy, Harvie, Harwood, Haslewood, Heads, Healey, Hearn, Hem, Hennesey, Hern, Herne, Heyley, Heyward, Hhawes, Hicks, Hill, Hipkings, Hipkins, Hiptinstal, Hiptinstall, Holderness, Holloway, Holmes, Home, Hooks, Hopkins, Hornsbee, House, Howard, Howe, Hoyls, Hughs, Humfreys, Humfrys, Humphres, Humphrey, Humphreys, Humphries, Humphris, Humphryes, Humphrys, Hundle, Hunt, Hurnphres, Hurnphreys, Hutson, Hutsons, Hyde, Ingram, Ingwel, Jackson, Jacob, Jacobs, Jacobus, James, Jaxson, Jeffreys, Jemson, Jenings, Jennings, Jervis, Johnson, Johnsons, Johnston, Jollyes, Jones, Jordan, Juice, Kellys, Kelshaw, Kelshaws, Kemp, Kemps, Keyton, Kid, Kidd, Kidds, Kilbee, Killbee, Kilsha, Kilshaw, King, Knight, Lancaster, Lane, Lark, Laughlin, Lawrence, Lawson, Leach, Lee, Lestridge, Levy, xivLewis, Lidford, Lindsey, linnin, Loe, Loemax, Loll, Lomax, Long, Love, Loyal, Loyall, Lyal, Macarty, MacCarty, Macham, Machan, Machen, Mackernet, Macknerent, Mackneret, Macknerett, Macktire, Macktyres, Mactyer, Mahaffey, Mainll, Mainwell, Man, Manel, Manell, Mannell, Marcum, Marstin, Marston, Massey, Masters, Maston, Matthewes, Matthews, Mayo, Mazy, McCarty, MccCarty, MccCurdy, McCormack, McCurdy, Mchan, Mchann, McIlwaine, MckCarty, MckTyre, McNeal, MCurdy, Meacham, Meade, Mectyre, Medeares, Meecham, Meeks, Meektyre, Meggs, Meikleborough, Mektyre, Michaell, Mickleborough, Mickleburrough, Middleton, Midleton, Millar, Millars, Miller, Mills, Mins, Mitchel, Mitchell, Molloughon, Molson, Moncure, Montague, Moor, More, Morgaine, Morgan, Morhead, Morris, Mosely, Moselyes, Mosley, Moulson, Moulsons, Mountague, Moxam, Moxom, Moxum, Mullen, Mullins, Murray, Murrey, Murry, Musgrave, Mustgrave, Nash, Neal, Needles, Neilson, Nelson, Newberry, Newbery, Newcomb, Nicholls, Nicholson, Nickcolls, Norman, Normans, Northey, Norton, Oastler, Obrissell, Ogilvie, Okill, Orril, Orrill, Overstreet, Overtreets, Owen, Owin, Paffatt, Palmer, Palto, Panto, Parrot, Parrott, , Pate, Pateman, Pead, Pearce, Peirce, Pendergest, Perrott, , Perrotts, Perry, Petty, Peyton, Phillpotts, Philpots, Philpotts, Pickett, Pinnill, Pollard, Poole, Porter, Potter, Powell, Press, Preston, Price, Proster, Purcel, Purton, Purvis, Raffes, Randolph, Ransford, Ranstead, Read, Reade, Reades, Ream, Redman, Redmond, Reeves, Reid, Reynald, Rhoads, Rhodes, Rhods, Rice, Rices, Richards, Richardson, Richardss, Ridgaway, Ridgway, Ried, Rilee, Risq, Risque, Roads, Roan, Roane, Roberts, Robertson, Robeson, Robey, Robinson, Robinsone, Robinsons, Robson, Roe, Rose, Ross, Row, Rudd, Ruff, Ruffe, Rupston, Ryan, Rylee, Sadler, Sandeford, Sanders, Sandiford, Saunders, Scarbrough, Scheilding, Scrosbys, Seagar, Seager, Seers, Segar, Seger, Shapord, Shaw, Sheilding, Shelton, Shepard, Shephard, Shepherd, Sheppard, Sheppherd, Sherman, Sherwood, Shilton, Shippeys, Sibble, Sible, Siblee, Sibley, Siddon, Sigilli, Silvester, Simpson, Sittern, Sitterne, Skeeres, Skilton, Skipwith, Slaughter, Slauter, Slauters, Small, Smith, Smiths, Smyth, Smythe, Smyths, Snodgrass, Somers, South, Southarn, Southern, Southworth, Spencer, Spicer, Spotiswood, Spratt, Stamper, Stanard, , Stannard, Stapleton, Steevens, Stephens, Sterling, Stevens, Steward, Stiff, Strachey, Stramper, Strastows, Stringer, Sumers, Summers, Superias, Superious, Sutton, Suttons, Swoard, Sword, Sykes, Symmer, Symonds, Symrner, Symson, Tankerley, Taylor, Terry, Teston, Thacker, Thackers, Thackston, Thilman, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Thornton, Thorton, Todd, Toles, Tomkies, Tomkins, Tomkis, Tompkins, Towis, Towles, Towls, Townsend, Trigg, Tuggle, Tugle, Tunstalls, Tureman, Underwood, Urie, Uriee, Valentine, Vallott, Vass, Vause, Vivion, Wacomb, Wacum, Wadding, Wading, Wakum, Walker, Walkers, Wallas, Wallford, Wallis, Walls, Walters, Ware, Warren, Warrick, Warwick, Washington, Washingtons, Watkyns, Watson, Watt, Watts, Webster, Weekes, Welch, Welsh, West, Weston, Wharton, Whilley, Whitaker, White, Whittaker, Whittakers, Wiat, Wiatt, Williams, Williamson, Williamsons, Willis, , Wilson, Wingar, Winger, Winn, Wms, Wmson, Wood, Woodard, Woods, Woodward, Wormeley, Wormeleys, Wormely, Wormley, Wormleys, Wormly, Wortham, Wortharn, Wortley, Wyat, Yard, Yarrington, Yarro, Yarrow, Yates, Young,