DMK Heritage

Vestry Book of Stratton Major Parish, King & Queen County




1729 1783



This book contains 259 pages including index.

Vestry Records contain lists of taxes collected and from whom (revenue); some deaths, and welfare information, such as payments to people caring for indigents; the church paying for caskets and burials for the indigent; the sick, disabled or orphans being placed in peoples homes with an allowance for their care; etc.; also, various donations to the church, and craftsmen who worked on the church (expenses).


Abbot, Abbott, Abbotts, Adam, Adams, Addams, Alcock, Anderson, Atkins, Bagby, Bagwell, Baker, Bakers, Banks, Barker, Barkley, Barram, Barret, Bartlet, Basket, Bayly, Bean, Berry, Bird, Blackgrove, Blair, Bland, Blands, Boogher, Bourn, Bowden, Bowdens, Bowdric, Bowen, Bowers, Bowles, Boyd, Boyds, Bradger, Bradshaw, Bray, Brays, Brenin, Breshwood, Bridges, Briggs, Brining, Broadway, Brock, Brook, Brown, Brownen, Browns, Brushwood, Brushwoods, Brydon, Bunn, Burch, Burches, Burgess, Burk, Burnet, Burnett, Burton, Byrd, Camel, Camels, Cameron, Camm, Campbel, Campbell, Cardwell, Care, Carr, Carter, Cary, Chamberlayne, Clair, Clare, Clark, Clear, Clement, Coats, Coffin, Coil, Collier, Colliers, Collins, Collior, Cooke, Corbin, Corr, Costula, Costulas, Crane, Crawford, Cristy, Crittenden, Crittendens, Crouch, Curtis, Daily, Daly, Dam, Damm, Damms, Dance, Daniel, Daniell, Davenport, Dayly, Devenport, Devonport, Didlake, Didlakes, Diggs, Dillard, Dillards, Dixon, Dowlin, Draper, Drapers, Drapiers, Drummond, Drummonds, Dudley, Dudleys, Dunlap, Dunlop, Edwards, Ellis, Ellrington, Elrington, Emmons, Erico, Eubank, Evans, Falkner, Falkners, Faulkner, Fercharson, Field, Fleming, Flemming, Flemmings, Forget, Foster, Fox, Fry, Gaine, Gaines, Gains, Gardner, Garland, Garret, Garrett, Garretts, Gaynes, Gayns, Gill, Grameil, Gramshill,, Gramshill., Gramskill, Graves, Green, Greens, Gregory, Griffin, Grindley, Grindleys, Groom, Groome, Groomes, Grooms, Grub, Guthrey, Guthrie, Guthries, Halliard, Hallier, Hamilton, Hanbury, Hare, Haynes, Hayse, Henry, Herring, Hickman, Hickmans, Hickms, Hill, Hills, Hives, Hodkins, Holderby, Holeday, Hollenger, Holliday, Hollinger, Hooker, Hookers, Humphrey, Hunt, Hunts, Ireson, Jackson, James, Jefferson, Jennings, , Johns, Johnson, Jones, Joness, Joyeux, Joyuex, Kattle, Kelley, Ker, Kerr, Kidd, Kidds, King, Lamboth, Lankford, Lanktra, Lawson, Leigh, Leith, Levingston, Lewis, , Livingston, Livingstone, Livingstons, Livinston, Lyne, Mackarty, Mackendree, Major, Majors, Mallion, Mansfield, Mcandree, Mcarty, McCartey, McCarthy, McCarty, McILWAINE, Mckarty, McKendree, Meade, Meddlicot, Meddlicott, Meredith, Metcalf, Metcalfe, Metcalfes, Michel, Milbey, Milbeys, Mills, Minion, Mitchel, Mitchell, Mitchells, Moore, Moores, Mores, Morgan, Morris, Morrise, Muir, Muire, Muires, Muirs, Mure, Myry, Nedler, Needler, Nettles, Newcomb, Newcombs, Newton, Nichols, Nicholson, Norman, ODeer, O'Bland, ODear, Orburn, Orrill, , Osborn, Osburn, Overstreet, Padget, Palmer, Peacock, Pearce, Pendleton, Pendletons, Perry, Pig, Pigg, Piggs, Pollard, Portlock, Pound, Power, Prentiss, Pryor, Rag, Ragan, Ragon, Rain, Raines, Ransom, Ray, Reade, Reid, Rhymer, Richards, Roan, Roane, Roberson, Robins, Robinson, Robinsons, Robison, Roffe, Rollens, Rollins, Roney, Rootes, Roots, Rotes, Roy, Rymer, Sadler, Satterwite, Sears, Seward, Sexton, Shackelford, Shackelfords, Shakelford, Shapard, Shepard, Shepards, Shepherd, Shipton, Shiptons, Shumack, Simco, Simcoe, Since, Skaif, Skaife, Skaise, Skipwith, Smith, Soward, Sowards, Sowell, Spencer, Sprigg, Stanard, Standard, Steadman, Stears, Stedman, Stedmans, Stephen, Stevens, Stones, Story, Strachey, Stratton, Stuart, Suit, Sweard, Sword, Sykes, Taliaferro, Talliaferro, Taylor, Thach, Thack, Thornton, Thorpe, Tibbs, Townley, Townleys, Trice, Tucker, Tunstal, Tunstall, Tunstalls, Tureman, Turemon, Turner, Tyler, Underwood, Vass, Wailer, Walden, Waldens, Waldin, Walding, Waller, Wallers, Walton, Ware, Warren, Warrens, Wash, Webb, Webley, Webleys, Webly, Weddeburn, Wedderburn, Wedderburns, Wells, White, Whitesides, Whiting, Whitinge, Whitsides, Wiatt, Wilburn, Wilburne, Williams, Willis, Wills, Wilson, Wotherspon, Wright, Wyatt, Wyatts, Yates,