DMK Heritage

Virginia Valley Records (old Rockingham county and surrounding area.)



Genealogical and Historical Materials

of Rockingham County, Virginia

and Related Regions

(With Map)




This is a 512 page book including 56 page index written in 1930.

Table of Contents

Rockingham Marriages, 1795-1825

Rockingham Landowners, 1789

Church Records, 1756-1844

Men in Service against the Indians, 1774

Rockingham Petitions in Richmond, 1778-1798

Beginnings of Keezletown, 1781

Rockingham Militia Companies, 1788

Washington in Rockingham

The Brock's Gap Myth

An Incident, of the Whiskey Rebellion

Traditions of Rockingham County

Rev. Mr. Ellis's Narrative

An Old Regimental Book

Sons of Temperance in Rockingham

Aldersons in Rockingham and Greenbrier

Old Letters, 1855-1925

The Valley Normal School

The Harvester

Rockingham Monuments and Tablets

The Killing of Lieutenant Meigs

Sheridan's Headquarters in Harrisonburg

Hooke Family Data

Connelly and Walker Families

Letters of a Cavalry Captain, 1861-1862

Muster Roll of the Brock's Gap Rifles

Neighborhood Historical Notes

The Lutheran Church at McGaheysville

The Craig Family

The Laird Family

The Miller Family The Kemper Family

Early Settlers in East. Rockingham

Captains in the Revolution

The Harnsbergers

Henry Bowman's Ride

A Fox Hunt in 1873

Extracts from Augusta Court Records

Newspaper Articles, 1866-1912

The Custer Family

Dr. Jessee Bennett, Pioneer Surgeon

Dr. Joseph Price

The Cassell Family

The Keesling Family

The Simmerman Family

The Spence Family

Sourwine, Bowman, Kisling, and Others

More Revolutionary Soldiers

Adam Miller Line

Note on Lacey Spring

Rockingham Wills

Keesling and Simmerman Items


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Grenner, Gressel, Grey, Grieves, Griff, Griffin, Griffith, Griffits, Griggsbe, Grigory, Grigs, Grim, Grimes, Grimsby, Grimsley, Grimsly, Groos, Gross, Grove, Groves, Grub, Grubb, Grubs, Grumby, Grymes, Guffy, Guile, Guin, Guinn, Guire, Gullett, Gully, Gum, Gun, Gussena, Guyer, Gwinn, Gyates, Gygger, Haase, Hafner, Haga, Hagay, Hagy, Hail, Haines, Hains, Hair, Hakings, Hall, Hall-, Halls, Halterman, Ham, Hamaker, Haman, Hambleton, Hamelton, HAMER, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hamm, Hammen, Hammer, Hammon, Hammond, Hammonds, Hams, Han, Hanan, Hanby, Hance, Hancefora, Handback, Handly, Hanes, Haney, Hanger, Hank, Hankings, Hanks, Hanley, Hanna, Hannah, Hansbager, Hansbarger, Hansberger, Hansen, Hansford, Hansharger, Hansicher, Hanson, Hant, Hanyel, Hapher, Harbart, Harbert, Harden, Hardesty, Hardmon, Harison, Harkrader, Harks, Harlin, Harmans, Harmon, Harned, Harner, Harnes, Harnesberger, Harnest, Harnet, Harnsbarger, Harnsberger, Harnsford, Harper, Harpine, Harpole, Harrell, Harris, Harrison, Harrisons, Harrow, Harry, Harshaw, Harshbarger, Harshberger, Harshman, Harshmand, Hart, Harter, Harthey, Hartinger, Hartman, Harts, Harvey, Harvie, Harwood, Hashbarger, Hashlaw, Hashman, Hashmon, Haskins, Haslet, Hatcher, Hatfield, Haton, Hatresh, Hatrick, Hatwell, Hauber, Hauf, Haugamier, Haugh, Hauk, Hauver, Haviner, Hawes, Hawk, Hawke, Hawkins, Hawks, Hay, Hayland, Haynes, Hayns, Hays, Haze, Hazel, Head, Headrick, Heaggy, Heahtell, Heard, Heart, Heastan, Heasting, HEASTON, Heaten, Heater, Heaton, Heatwole, Heatwool, Hedrick, Heeps, Heeton, Hefler, Heggason, Hegs, Heiskell, Helbert, Heldreth, Helfrey, Helmontall, Helsey, Helsley, Hemphil, Hemphill, Henderson, Hendren, Henebarger, Heneberger, Henes, Henester, Hening, Henkel, Henkle, Henneberger, Hennings, Hennisee, Henry, Henrys, Hensell, Hensley, Henton, Hepler, Heps, Hepstin, Herd, Herdman, Herman, Herndon, Hernsbarger, Herring, Herrings, Herrington, Herritt, Herron, Hershbarger, Hershberger, Hershmond, Herzoy, Heslip, Hess, Hestant, Hester, Heston, Heuston, Hevener, Hewit, Hewitt, Hews, Hice, Hickam, Hickenbottom, Hickman, Hicks, Hiden, Hiesland, Hiester, Hiffner, Higbee, Higgans, Higgins, Higgs, High, Highdecker, Hight, Higins, Hildebrand, Hill, Hillard, Hillary, Hillyard, Hilton, Hilyard, Hinchman, Hinchy, Hinckel, Hinckle, Hincle, Hind, Hindman, Hinds, Hindun, Hine, Hinecker, Hinegardner, Hinegardners, Hinemor, Hines, Hiney, Hinke, Hinkle, Hinton, Hiram, Hiser, Hisey, Hisley, Hite, Hites, Hively, Hoard, Hoback, Hodlow, Hoe, Hoeg, Hoff, Hoffert, Hoffman, Hofner, Hog, Hogan, Hoge, Hogsett, Hogshead, Hoke, Holaday, Holbrook, Holeman, Holesclaw, Holevz, Holland, Hollandsworth, Hollar, Holler, Holliday, Hollingsworth, Hollny, Hollwy, Holly, Holshopel, Holshople, Holsinger, Holston, Holt, Holton, Homan, Homer, Homes, Honiker, Honner, Honniker, Hoober, Hoof, Hoofnoggle, Hoogens, Hook, Hooke, Hooks, Hoop, Hoops, Hoover, Hoowtser, Hop, Hopkins, Hord, Horde, Horn, Hornung, Hortinger, Hoseck, Hosick, Hosler, Hostates, Hoster, Hotchkiss, Hott, Hottell, Hottinger, Houck, Houdishell, Houf, Houff, Hough, Houlder, Hounshell, Housdin, House, Housing, Houston, Houstons, Howard, Howdershell, Howdyshell, Howe, Howell, Howman, Howser, Howwe, Hoy, Huber, Huck, Huddle, Hudlow, Hudson, Huff, Huffman, Hufft, Hufman, Hufmon, Hughes, Huie, Huling, Hulings, Hullings, Hulls, Hulon, Hulva, Hulve, Hulvey, Humble, Humes, Hummel, Humphress, Humphreys, Humphries, Humrickhouser, Hundly, Hunrichouson, Hunsaker, Hunter, Hupp, Huston, Hutcheson, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Huttle, Hutwool, Hyndaker, Hynicker, Ibbet, Iler, Imboden, Ine, Ingels, Ingles, Ingram, Ireland, Irick, IRVINE, Irwin, Jackman, Jacks, Jackson, Jacobin, Jacocke, Jamason, James, Jameson, Jamison, Jammison, Jarard, Jarrat, Jarrot, Jarvis, Jasper, Jatlet, Javen, Jeffers, Jeffreys, Jeffries, Jenkins, Jennings, Jester, Jevus, Jewett, Jinkens, Johnson, Johnston, Jollett, Jones, Jordan, Jorden, Jordon, Joseph, Josnet, Judy, Juty, Kablinger, Kafman, Kagy, Kaite, Kale, Kampbell, Kane, Kannely, Kapel, Karbel, Kareckhoff, Karn, Karr, Kauffman, Kaufman, Kavanaugh, Kayler, Kaylor, Keagy, Kealor, Kearn, Keasling, Keatzer, Keblinger, Keeister, Keeling, Keen, Keenany, Keeney, Keeny, Kees, Keesinger, Keesle, Keesling, Keesner, Keester, Keester,, Keezel, Keezell, Keezle, Kegley, Keisle, Keister, Keith, Keldon, Keller, Kelley, Kellor, Kelly, Kemper, Kenen, Kenkle, Kenly, Kennedy, Kennerly, Kenney, Kennon, Kensly, Kensor, Kent, Kephart, Kepler, Keplinger, Keppers, Kerbough, Kercheval, Kerchhof, Kerickhofe, Kern, Kerns, Kerrickhoof, Kerril, Kersh, Kesener, Kesler, Kesling, Keslinger, Kessle, Kessler, Kessling, Kester, Ketner, Keys, Keysair, Keyser, Keyth, Kibben, Kibbon, Kiblinger, Kice, Kichener, Kieffer, Kiesling, Kife, Kiger, Kilburn, Kile, Killburn, Kille, Kilpatrick, Kilyon, Kimbrough, Kincaed, Kincaid, Kincaide, Kinder, Kindle, Kiney, King, Kinger, Kingery, Kingree, Kinkle, Kinney, Kinsor, Kinzer, Kipling, Kiplinger, Kippers, Kipps, Kips, Kirk, Kirkland, Kirkum, Kirlin, Kirny, Kirtley, Kirtly, Kisaner, Kisel, Kisemer, Kisenyer, Kiser, Kislin, Kisling, Kislinger, Kisnor, Kisor, Kisore, Kissinger, Kitchen, Kite, Kizer, Klein, Kline, Klyne, Knave, Kneepp, Knestrick, Knight, Knipp, Knisely, Knopp, Knowles, Knox, Kofman, Konkle, Koogler, Kook, Kool, Koontz, Koyner, Kraft, Kratzer, Kratzers, Krause, Krekenbarger, Krekenberger, Kretzinger, Krim, Kring, Krisman, Kroah, Kroft, Krotzer, Kruger, Krukelbarger, Kuke, Kunkle, Kyger, Kyle, Kyser, Kysor, Kyte, Kyzer, Laborn, Laburn, Lacey, Lacy, Lady, Lagua, Lair, Laird, Lairds, Lam, Laman, Lamb, Lambard, Lambert, Lambeth, Lambord, Lamon, Lamry, Lander, Landes, Landis, Landrum, Lane, Lang, Langes, Lanise, Lantis, Lants, Lantz, Lard, Larey, Larrick, Lary, Lash, Lass, Latham, Lauck, Lauk, Laundis, Laurence, Laush, Lawford, Lawson, Layburn, Layman, Laymans, Layton, Leach, Leamon, Leaney, Leap, Lear, Leasy, Leckie, Lecky, Lee, Leeb, Leech, Leedy, Lees, Leflear, Leftwich, Legg, Legoa, Leib, Leigh, Lemmon, Lemmons, Lemon, Lenden, Leonard, Lerachan, Lester, Letcher, Letrick, Levi, Levingston, Lewis, Lewises, Lewnbarger, Liens, Liewes, Life, Liggett, Light, Lightner, Like, Likins, Lilly, Lime, Limer, Lincoln, Lindamood, Lindel, Lindsay, Lindsey, Lineabaugh, Linear, Lineback, Linebarger, Linebaugh, Lineweaver, Lingel, Lingell, Lingh, Lingle, Link, Linn, Linsey, Linsy, Linvil, Linville, Liskey, Lite, Little, Lively, Livingston, Loagh, Loagua, Loak, Loar, Lock, Lockard, Locke, Lockett, Lockhart, Lockheart, Lockridge, Loctridge, Lodinback, Lofftus, Lofland, Loftis, Loftland, Loftus, Logan, Lohng, Lohr, Loins, Loker, Lokey, Lolferd, Lon, Long, Longnecker, Looker, Looney, Loop, Loose, Lootz, Lore, Loring, Lormia, Losch, Losh, Lott, Louck, Loudeback, Louderback, Loudermilk, Louks, Love, Lovese, Low, Lowance, Lowe, Lower, Lownsdale, Lowny, Lowry, Loyd, Luan, Lucas, Ludwick, Ludy, Lung, Luntz, Lupton, Lurry, Lusk, Lynder, Lynn, Lyon, Lyons, Mac, MacDuff, Mace, Macey, Machall, Mackalls, Mackfall, Mackley, Macy, Maddox, Maddry, Maddy, Madison, Maffer, Magaughey, Magdal, Magell, Magennett, Magert, Maggort, Maggott, Maghead, Magill, Magort, Magruder, Mahon, Mahoney, Maiden, Main, Makoy, Malcolm, Malcom, Mall, Mallary, Mallery, Mallow, Mallowry, Mallowy, Malmon, Man, Mandd, Mandel, Mangle, Mann, Manness, Manning, Mansion, Mapey, Maphis, Mara, Marca, March, Marcks, Mardrum, Margal, Marica, Maricha, Markey, Marks, Markwood, Marshall, Marshell, Marshill, Marten, Marter, Martin, Marts, Martz, Masberger, Mason, Mass, Massie, Massy, Masterson, Matheany, Matheny, Mather, Mathews, Mathias, Matthews, Mauch, Mauk, Maupin, Mauzey, Mauzy, May, Maye, Mayer, Mayerhoeffer, Mayo, McAtee, McCalester, McCall, McCallester, McCally, McCampbell, McCann, McCara, McCarrell, McCartney, McCarty, McCauley, McCausland, McCauslin, McClain, McClane, McClean, McClelan, McClellan, McClenanchan, McClought, McCluer, McClullock, McClung, McClure, McCollester, McCollum, McCormick, McCormicks, McCoun, McCoy, McCracken, McCray, McCreery, McCrosky, McCue, McCulley, McCulloch, McCullock, McDade, McDaniel, McDannal, McDole, McDonald, McDonough, McDowel, McDowell, McElhenney, McElyed, McEttee, McFarland, McFarlen, McFarling, McFee, McGahey, McGilvary, McGinnis, McGinstery, McGuire, McGuirre, McInter, McKee, McKemper, McKenney, McKey, McKibbens, McKinley, McKinney, McKinsey, McKinsy, McKinzey, McKnight, McLaughlin, McLean, M'Clining, McMahon, McMillen, McMon, McMullan, McMullen, McMurray, McMurry, McNeel, McNeil, McNiel, McNut, McNutt, McQuaide, McQuillim, McSparvin, McVay, McVey, McWilliams, Meade, Meadow, Meadows, Meats, Meddows, Meddy, Medlebarger, Medley, Medlin, MEFFERD, Mefford, Megel, Meglin, Meigs, Melizer, Mellebarger, Menick, Mensey, Merche, Merclia, Mesick, Mesner, Messeck, Messerley, Messerly, Messersmith, Messick, Metheny, Metts, Meyerhoeffer, Meyers, M'Gahey, Michael, Michall, Michel, Michie, Middleton, Midy, Mifford, Miften, Mildew, Miler, Miley, Mill, Miller, Millers, Millon, Mills, Milroy, Miltebarger, Miltenbarger, MILTENBERGER, Minick, Minigh, Minnich, Minnick, Minnis, Minorhears, Mintee, Misely, Missamore, Mitchel, Mitchell, Mitchum, Mittenberger, Moffard, Moffett, Moffette, Moffort, Mogganet, Mohler, Mohoy, Moier, Moiers, Mole, Mongar, Monger, Monroe, Montgomery, Moody, Moon, Mooney, Moor, Moore, Moppin, Moral, Mordah, Moredeck, Moredock, Morehead, Morgan, Moris, Morrel, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Morton, Moss, Mourey, Movers, Mower, Mowrey, Mowry, Mowzey, Moxley, Moyer, Moyers, Mueller, Muleissen, Mullan, Mullen, Muller, Mullin, Mulliner, Mullins, Muncey, Muncy, Munden, Mungar, Munger, Munnick, Munro, Muntz, Murdock, Murley, Murphy, Murray, Murry, Mury, Muse, Musick, Myars, Myer, Myerhoeffer, Myers, Myler, Mynes, Naff, Nagros, Nail, Nall, Nalle, Nance, Nash, Nave, Neaf, Near, Neble, Needham, Neel, Neelson, Neese, Neff, Negley, Neible, Neilson, Neishwonger, Nelson, Nepple, Nesslerod, Nestherod, Nestor, Nestreete, Nestrick, Neve, Newcomb, Newel, Newell, Newham, Newhous, Newhouse, Newil, Newman, Nible, Nicely, Nicewander, Nicewanger, Nicewarner, Nicewonger, Nicholas, Nicholores, Nicholous, Nichols, Nicholus, Nickel, Nickell, Nickhart, Nickle, Nickoles, Nickols, Nickolus, Nicol, Niely, Niffner, Nigh, Night, Nikle, Nipple, Nisely, Nisewander, Nisewanger, Niswander, Nixton, Noetel, Noffsinger, Noland, Noll, Nonemaker, Norford, Norman, North, Norton, Nowlands, Null, Nurf, Nye, Oakey, Oaks, OARBAUGH, Oat, O'Brien, O'Bryan, Ocker, Ockletree, O'Ferrall, Offutt, Ogan, Ogler, Oharra, Ohler, O'Kean, Olbart, Oler, Olinger, Oliver, Ollebough, Olliver, Olobaugh, Oloebaugh, Oneil, Ong, Ongst, Opps, Orabough, Orbaugh, Orbough, Ore, Orebaugh, Oreboh, Orebon, O'Roark, Orr, Orts, Osbun, Osburn, Osmus, Ott, Ounghts, Overholt, Overshiner, Owens, Ozban, Ozburn, Pacinger, Pack, Page, Pain, Paine, Painter, Paisley, Palcer, Pallmer, Palmer, Palsel, Palser, Panter, Parker, Parks, Parritt, Parrot, Parrote, Parrott, Parry, Parsons, Pasinger, Passinger, Pate, Paterson, Pates, Patrum, Pattason, Patten, Patterson, Patton, Pattrom, Paul, Paulsel, Paulus, Payne, Peal, Peale, Pearce, Peary, Pebeles, Peck, Peebler, Peel, Peeling, Peepels, Peery, Pehtle, Peiffer, Pekey, Pelse, Pemberton, Pence, Pendleton, Pener, Penner, Pennybacker, Pennybackers, Pense, Peoples, Peregern, Pergrin, Perisho, Perkey, Perkins, Perkley, Perky, Perrigen, Perry, Perseful, Persinger, Persival, Petefish, Peterfish, Peters, Peterson, Petterson, Petty, Peyton, Pfaidly, Pfifer, Pheleps, Phelps, Phenimon, Phereis, Phery, Phifer, Philhipi, Philips, Phillip, Phillips, Philson, Phyffe, Pick, Pickerel, Pickeren, Pickering, Pickle, Pickler, Pierce, Piercey, Pifer, Piper, Pipher, Pirkey, Pirkeys, Pirky, Pitner, Pitt, Pixler, Placer, Planno, Plaud, Plaugher, Pley, Plum, Plunket, Poage, Poindexter, Poinesbuck, Polon, Pope, Porter, Poss, Potts, Poulton, Powel, Powell, Power, Powers, Preiss, Preston, Pretzman, Price, Prices, Prichet, Prince, Prinkman, Prise, Probyman, Proctor, Prollinger, Propps, Props, Propst, Propts, Proud, Prue, Publer, Puckett, Pugh, Pukel, Pullin, Puls, Pumfrey, Pummel, Pup, Pupp, Purkey, Pursell, Put, Pyler, Query, Quick, Quickie, Quin, Quinn, Raburn, Rader, Raderbaugh, Ragan, Ragen, Ragin, Ragley, Ragon, Raines, Rains, Ralston, Rambo, Ramboe,, Ramsour, Ramsours, Ramsower, Ramsu, Ramsy, Randal, Randolph, Rankin, Ransborough, Ransbottom, Rape, Raper, Rapp, Raulston, Rawhoof, Rawley, Rawlings, Rawly, Ray, Raymond, Read, Reader, Readhfer, Ready, Reagan, Reburn, Redehers, Redfern, Redford, Redheffer, Redmond, Reece, Reed, Reeds, Reedy, Rees, Reese, Reeves, Regan, Reherd, Reiburn, Reichenbach, Reid, Reihandten, Reinhardten, Relf, Relfe, Rembow, Renhard, Renick, Renland, Repass, Reps, Rerh, Reuble, Reubush, Reves, Rexrole, Reyley, Reynels, Rhine, Rhinehart, Rhoads, Rhodes, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Richey, Richy, Rick, Rickerboher, Rickey, Riddle, Ridgeway, Rife, Riffe, Riggleman, Riggs, Right, Rigs, Rimel, Rimil, Rinehart, Rineheart, Rineinger, Riner, Rinker, Ritchey, Ritchie, Ritchy, Rite, Ritermon, Rittentrout, Ritter, Roach, Roack, Roadcap, Roads, Roalston, Roark, Roberts, Robertson, Robinet, Robinson, Robinsone, Robison, Rocby, Rodcap, Rode, Rodearman, Rodearmer, Rodecap, Rodeffer, Rodehafer, Rodes, Rodgers, Roe, Roemer, Rogers, Rohler, Rohr, Roland, Roleman, Roler, Rolestone, Rollens, Roller, Rolston, Rolstone, Roman, Ronk, Roof, Rooney, Roop, Root, Roots, Rorick, Rose, Rosenbarger, Rosenberger, Rosety, Ross, Rosson, Rotherford, Roubush, Rouch, Roudabush, Rousch, Rouse, Roush, Rousseau, Rover, Rowe, Rowland, Royer, Royers, Rubert, Ruble, Rubush, Ruddel, Ruddell, Ruddle, Rudok, Rudy, Ruebush, Ruff, Ruffner, Rufner, Rullman, Rumsay, Rumsey, Runion, Runkel, Runkle, Runnian, Runnion, Runyan, Runyen, Runyon, Rupe, Rush, Russel, Russell, Rust, Rut, Rutherford, Rutlege, Ryen, Ryland, Ryman, Ryne, Saday, Safely, Safly, Saftly, Sager, Sailer, Sailor, Sainsbery, Salts, Saltser, Salvage, Salyards, Sampels, Sampler, Samples, Sampson, Samson, Samuels, Sanders, Sandy, Sanger, Sanit, Satterfield, Saufley, Saunders, Savage, Sawyer, Sawyers, Saxton, Sayer, Sayford, Saylor, Sayton, Scaggs, Scantling, Scarborough, Scarbrou, Scarbrough, Scarf, Scarff, Schaeffer, Scherp, Schmucker, Schothorn, Schweigart, Scogin, Sconce, Scorethorn, Scote, Scott, Scotthorn, Scotts, Seafley, Seager, Searphos, Seavely, Sebrok, Sechrist, Secrist, Seek, Seeker, Seevely, Seglar, Segler, Sehler, Sehorn, Seigfried, Seigler, Seizer, Self, Sellars, Sellarz, Seller, Sellers, Selser, Selz, Semer, Semers, Senger, SESSER, Seth, Settle, Sever, Sexton, Seymour, SHACKELFORD, Shackey, Shacklett, Shaeffer, Shafer, Shaffer, Shalley, Shambaugh, Shand, Shands, Shank, Shankes, Shanklin, Shanklyn, Shanks, Shannaday, Shannon, Sharfey, Sharfick, Sharret, Shaver, Shearman, Sheelds, Sheerly, Sheets, Sheetz, Sheffer, Shefler, Shekleford, Shell, Shelrutt, Sheltman, Shelton, Shemaker, Shenk, Shep, Shepherd, Shepler, Shepman, SHEPP, Sheppe, Shepton, Shereman, Sherfey, Sherfick, SHERFY, Sheridan, Sherman, Sherry, Shettman, Shewmate, Shickel, Shickle, Shields, Shiery, Shifflett, Shiflet, Shiles, Ship, Shipley, Shipman, Shippen, Shirea, Shireman, Shirey, Shirley, Shlosser, Shockey, Shoe, Shoemaker, Shol, Sholtz, Shoort, Short, Shortt, Shotwell, Shoukerman, Shoumaker, Shoup, Shoups, Shover, Showalter, Showens, Showwalter, Shrader, Shramm, Shrimp, Shrum, Shryer, Shuar, Shue, Shular, Shulce, Shuler, Shull, Shults, Shultz, Shumaker, Shumate, Shunk, Shurey, Shurley, Shurly, Shutter, Shyry, Sibert, Sidel, Sights, Sigler, Sikes, Silby, Silvius, Simers, Simmerman, Simmers, Simmons, Simon, Simons, Sims, Sink, Sipe, Siphney, Sircle, Sites, Sitley, Sivela, Skaggs, Skags, Skelton, Skidmore, Skinner, Slater, Slaughter, Slavin, Sleed, Sliker, Slodger, Slusser, Slutter, Sly, Smallwood, Smally, Smalts, Smathers, Smelcer, Smellcer, Smelser, Smelzer, Smilly, Smith, Smithers, Smiths, Smithson, Smyth, Snap, Snapp, Snell, Snelling, Snider, Snither, Snodden, Snodgrass, Snow, Snowden, Snowdon, Snyder, Softly, Solomon, SONEFRANK, Songer, Sopes, Souaer, Souards, Sour, Sourbeer, Sours, Sourwine, Southard, Southens, Souther, Souverine, Sowards, Sowders, Sowerbeer, Sowermilk, Sowers, Sowerwine, Spader, Spander, Spangler, Spankler, Spar, Sparke, Spater, Speagle, Spears, Speck, Speece, Speers, Spence, Spencer, Spenser, Sperry, Spices, Spinner, Spitler, Spitser, Spitzer, Spohr, Spotts, Sprenkle, Springer, Sprinkel, Sprinkle, Sprowl, Srum, Sryer, St. Clair, Stagleather, Stailey, STALB, Staley, Stall, Staman, Stambough, Stanforth, Stanton, Stark, States, Staulp, Staunton, Stedman, Steel, Steele, Steep, Steet, Steffler, Steffy, Stell, Stembough, Step, Stephen, Stephens, Stephenson, Stephensons, Sterling, Sterlings, Steuart, Stevens, Stevenson, Steward, Stewart, Stickley, Stiegel, Stiles, Still, Stinespring, Stinson, Stirling, Stoafer, Stockard, Stockel, Stoever, Stokesberry, Stolp, Stolph, Stolts, Stone, Stonebraker, Stoneburner, Stoner, Stonetraker, Stoop, Stophel, Storm, Story, Stottinger, Stout, Stoutemier, Stoutemire, Stoutlemire, Stoutlemyer, Stoutmier, Stover, Stowers, Strahl, Strain, Strange, Stratton, Straubs, Strawsnider, Strayer, Strayr, Strickler, STRINE, Strock, Strole, Stromback, Strother, Strough, Strove, Stuart, Stuarts, Stulce, Stult, Stults, Stulty, Stultz, Stumbough, Stuple, Sturde, Sturgen, Sturgess, Stuttler, Stutzer, Suder, Sugars, Sulavan, Sulenbarger, Sulivan, Sullenbarger, Summerfield, Summers, Sunafrank, Sunafranks, Surface, Suter, Sutherland, Swab, Swaggart, Swagget, Swaney, Swank, Swanson, Swartley, Swartz, Swats, Swatsil, Swazzo, Swecker, Sweet, Swern, Swich, Swick, Swinge, Swisher, Switzer, Swobe, Swope, Sybert, Symmerman, Symon, Symons, Tacket, Tackete, Tafelmier, Tafflemire, Tailor, Taliafero, Taliaferro, Talliaferro, Tallman, Talman, Tamoo, Tams, Tankenly, Tanner, Tark, Tarpen, Tase, Tate, Tayler, Tayloe, Taylor, Teagy, Team, Teen, Teeter, Teeters, Teganfus, Teisler, Temple, Tenkle, tephenson, Terry, Teshlern, Teter, Tetrick, Tharp, Thinkle, Thomas, Thomases, Thompson, Thomson, Thornhill, Thornton, Thorp, Thuma, Thurmond, Tidball, Tidd, Tidman, Tiffany, Tiffney, Tiller, Tillman, Tincher, Tincker, Tinder, Tingley, Tinkle, Titman, Todd, Tofflemire, Tolbart, Tollman, Tomson, Toney, Tootwiler, Tople, Topp, Toppin, Toreman, Tounsley, Tousler, Townsen, Townsend, Trace, Tracy, Tratchet, Traver, Travis, Treavey, Treevy, Trent, Tresler, Tresset, Trick, Trimbel, Trimble, Trinkle, Trissel, Trobaugh, Trobough, Trotter, Troubaugh, Troubough, Trouerbough, Trout, Trowerbough, Trueblood, Truman, Trumbo, Trumboe, Trump, Trusinger, Trusler, Tschappat, Tucker, Tuckwell, Tudwiler, TUFTS, Tuiter, Turk, Turkeyhiser, Turkeyhizer, Turley, Turly, Turner, Turpen, Turpin, Tusing, Tusinger, Tussing, Tutwiler, Twichet, Twitchet, Twitchete, Twitchett, Twitwiler, Tyler, Tyrie, Uffner, Ulster, Umbarger, Umberger, Underwood, Uniah, Unruh, Usher, Utsler, Utt, Utz, Utzler, VAN GEMUNDEN, Van Lear, Van Pelt, Vana, Vance, Vandeverter, Vannaman, Vannoy, Vanordal, Vanpelt, Vantrump, Varner, Vass, Vaughob, Vaught, Veach, Veatch, Veazey, Veil, Venbebber, Venice, Vesey, Viah, Vicars, Vier, Vigar, Vigars, Viger, Vigers, Vilemmer, Vincent, Vincon, Vindevender, Vindwender, Vine, Viney, Vioars, Voges, Voght, Voland, Vossinger, Wagey, Waggoner, Waggy, Wagh, Wagner, Wagoner, Waid, Waldrim, Walker, Wallace, Wallgrave, Wallis, Walsh, Walters, Walton, Wambler, WAMPLER, Wanderlik, Wanger, Wansturf, Ward, Waren, Waring, Warner, Warnock, Waron, Warran, Warren, Wartman, Wartmann, Waserman, Washington, Waterman, Watkins, Watson, Watts, Wattson, Waver, WAY, Wayland, Waynand, Wayt, Wayte, Wean, Wearin, Wearren, Weatherhols, Weatherholt, Weaver, Web, Webb, Weber, Weddeck, WEDECK, Wedig, Ween, Weggy, Weifley, Weig, Weigel, Welch, Welcher, Welchhons, Weldbarger, Weldon, Welfley, Welfly, Weller, Wells, Welsh, Welsher, Welt, Wenger, Wengers, Wentworth, Weriger, West, Westfall, Westpall, Wetsel, Wetsle, Wetzel, Wevner, Weyhunt, Weyman, Wheat, Wheelbarger, Wheelberger, Wheeling, Wheland, Whelekel, Whetsel, Whetzell, Whisler, Whislow, Whisselman, Whissleman, Whistleman, Whistler, Whistman, White, Whitehead, Whitehouse, Whitemore, Whitesel, Whitesell, WHITEZELL, Whitman, Whitmer, Whitmor, Whitmore, Whitsel, Whitsell, Whitt, Whittemore, Whittmor, Whitzel, Wiatt, Wickert, Wickle, Wideck, Widick, Widy, Wien, Wildes, Wiley, Wilhelm, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Will, WILL . . ., Willard, Willberger, Willhelm, Williams, Williamson, Wills, Willson, Wilson, Wiltshire, Wimer, Winborough, Winder, Windleborough, Wine, Wineberry, Winebranner, Winfield, Wingate, Winger, Winkle, Winston, Winter, Winters, Wirech, Wise, Wisehart, Wisekop, Wisekup, Wisely, Wiseman, Wisler, Withers, Witmer, Witmor, Witmore, Witsel, Witten, WITTS, Witzel, Wizel, Wolback, Wolf, Wolfe, Wolferd, Wolff, Wolford, Wolwine, Wombler, Womert, WOOD, Woodard, Wooden, Woodford, Woodley, Woods, Woodson, Wooleaven, Woolf, Woolfe, Woolsey, Working, Wormstorf, Wornom, Wren, Wretchford, Wright, Wyand, Wyant, Wyate, Wyatt, Wydick, Wyer, Wyler, Wynant, Wysel, Yager, Yakle, Yancey, Yanceys, Yancy, Yankey, Yates, Yeagely, Yeager, Yeagly, Yearly, Yeates, Yerian, Yolkecome, Yonce, Yontz, Yootsler, Yost, Youlekem, Young, Yount, Youst, Youtsler, Youtzler, Yunt, Zach, Zarvus, Zate, Zeek, Zeighler, Zellar, Zeller, Zellers, Zerkel, Zesh, Zetty, Zigler, Ziliwit, Zilpers, Zimmerman, Zimmers, Zircie, Zirkel, Zirkle, Zommers, Zuikhel, Zuina, Zuitchel,