DMK Heritage

Ward's History of Coffee County

Ward's History

of Coffee County

by Warren P. Ward


This is a 377 page book with and 11 page index.

Table of Contents

An Ideal Wedding

Atkinson County Creation


Banking Business

Big Court, October Term

Big Four

Billy Bow-Legs

Boll Weevil

Boy Scout Movement

Bright Leaf Tobacco

Camp Meetings

Carding MachineCatching Fish

Coffee County, 1930

Coffee County In War

Coffee County Officers, 1854

Confederate Soldiers Who Went to War from

Coffee County .

Constitution and the Flag

Cotton Picking Time In Georgia

Creek Indians


Doctors and Medicine

Douglas Cemetery

Douglas, Dunk

Douglas, the Capital City of Coffee County

Early History of Coffee County

Early Steamboat Navigation on the Ocmulgee


English Gold

Fifty Uses of Turpentine

Fraternal Orders

Gaskin, William

Georgia Colonel

Georgia Laws Creating Coffee County

Georgia Militia Districts

Georgia. Normal Business College

Grady's Tribute to Negro Slaves

History of Newspapers of Coffee County

Hour of Prayer in a Saw Mill

Indians Rob Dr. Parker's Home

Inferior Courts and Courts of Ordinary

Jeff Davis County, Creation of

Killing Deer

Ku Klux Klan

Ladies' Clubs

Land Districts of Coffee County

Language of the Bird


Liquor Laws

List of Some Old People of Coffee

County Married More Than Fifty Years Ago

Log Rolling, Quilting and a Frolic

Map of Coffee County

Member of Confederate Cabinet

Meningitis Epidemic

Negro Race

Negro Funeral


Ocmulgee River Section

Old Churches In Coffee County

Arnie, Bethel, Carver, Catholic, Elam Primitive Baptist, Elizabeth, Gravel Hill, Hebron, Lone Hill Methodist, Lott. Memorial, Midway Methodist, Mormon, Mount Pleasant, Mount Zion Baptist, Mount Zion Methodist, New Hope. Oak Grove, Pleasant Grove Baptist, Rehoboth Primitive Baptist, Roberts Methodist, Royals' Methodist , Sand Hill Baptist

Old Families In Coffee County

Burkett, Carver, Davis, Gaskin, Kirkland, Lott, Meeks, Newbern, Paul Sapp, Tanner, Vickers, Ward and Hargraves, Wilcox

Old Graveyards

Lone Hill, Mount Zion, New Hope, Sand Hill

Old School Houses

Kirkland School

Old Time Singers


Pioneers of Coffee County

Public Health Work

Public Schools

Railroads in Coffee County

Brisbane Railroad

Douglas and McDonald Railroad

Georgia and Florida Railroad



Resolution of General Assembly

Resolution of Grand Jury

Sand Hill Church

Saw Mills and Lumber

Scab Timber

Snakes in Coffee County

South Georgia State College

Spivey, Erwin

Stills and Mills


Stormy Night on Seventeen-Mile Creek

Strange Phenomenon

Study in Human Hands Teachers in Coffee County Public Schools

Teachers in Douglas Public Schools

The Pine Tree

Towns in Coffee County

Ambrose, Broxton, Nicholls, West Green

Tribute to Monroe Wilcox

Tribute to the Women of the South


Turpentine Industry

Two Boys from Clinch

Ward, Old Man Billy

Ward, Priscilla (Jones) and Her Ward Boys

War Times and Hard Times

Wheat and Flour Mill

Where Uncle Jim Lives

Wilcox, Capt. Jefferson

Wild Turkeys

Women of the South

World War Veterans


Adams, Alderman, Alexander, Allen, Allman, Amerson, Anderson, Andrews, Anthony, Appleby, Arburthnot, Arnold, Asbell, Ashlang, Ashley, Ashleys, Atkinson, Augustus, Austin, Avriett, Bagley, Bagleys, Bagwell, Bailey, Baity, Baker, Barber, Barnes, Barr, Barrett, Barringer, Bartow, Barwick, Batten, Bazemore, Bazmore, Beasley, Beauchamp, Beauregard, Bedford, Beecher, Beeton, Belamy, Bell, Bellinger, Benfield, Bennett, Berry, Bethea, Beverly, Billiard, Billy Bow-Legs, Blackshear, Blalock, Bledsoe, Blitch, Blount, Blunt, Boatright, Booker, Boone, Booth, Bordeaux, Bouyer, Bowen, Bowers, Bowyer, Boyce, Boyd, Bragg, Branch, Brantley, Bratcher, Brazel, Breckinridge, Breedlove, Brewer, Brice, Bridges, Briggs, Bright, Brigman, Brinson, Brogdon, Brooker, Brooks, Brown, Bryant, Buchanon, Buck, Bugg, Buie, Bullard, Bunn, Burch, Burgis, Burke, Burkett, Burney, Burns, Burrows, Burthnot, Busby, Bush, Butler, Byrd, Cady, Cain, Callis, Campbell, Canady, Canley, Cannon, Cannons, Canon, Canova, Cargile, Carmack, Carmichael, Carson, Carter, Carton, Carver, Cashwell, Cason, Cato, Cauley, Cavenaugh, Chalker, Chancey, Chaney, Chappell, Chariton, Chastain, Childs, Christian, Christopher, Claridy, Clark, Clemens, Clements, Clough, Clower, Cobb, Cochren, Coffee, Coile, Cole, Coleman, Collins, Combs, Cone, Conner, Cook, Cooper, Corbett, Corbitt, Corn, Cornelius, Corner, Cothern, Cottingham, Coursey, Courson, Cowart, Crabb, Crawford, Cray, Creech, Creeches, Crenshaw, Cribb, Cromartie, Crosby, Crosley, Cross, Crow, Crowder, Crutchfield, Culbreath, Culver, Currey, Currie, Curry, Currys, Cutno, Daley, Daniel, Daniels, Darby, Darley, Darnell, Dart, Dasher, Daughtrey, Davenport, Davis, Dawson, Day, Days, Dearing, Dedge, Deen, Dennis, Dent, Denton, Dents, Dickerson, Dickey, Dill, Dixon, Dobson, Donaldson, Doughtery, Douglas, Drake, Drew, Drummer, Dubose, Dudley, Duncan, Dupree, Duren, Durham, Durhan, Duvall, Dyal, Dyals, Dyer, Edenfield, Edgerton, Edinfield, Edmond, Edmondson, Edwards, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison, Elmore, Ely, Emmett, Eng, English, Ennis, Epton, Etheridge, Everett, Everitt, Fairly, Faison, Fales, Fason, Felder, Fender, Fennell, Fentrass, Fielding, Fillingim, Fillmore, Findley, Finely, Finley, Fiord, Fitzgerald, Fers, Fletcher, Floyd, Folds, Folks, Foreman, Fortney, Fortune, Foster, Francis, Fraser, Freeman, Friar, Frier, Friers, Fryer, Fuller, Fullmore, Funderbunk, Fussell, Fussells, Gabbitt, Gakins, Gallon, Gamble, Gardner, Garrett, Garvin, Gaskin, Gaskins, Geiger, George, Gibbs, Gibson, Giles, Gill, Gilliard, Gillis, Gills, Ginsburg, Gipson, Girtman, Glenn, Godbold, Goddard, Goodyear, Googe, Grace, Grady, Graham, Grantham, Graves, Green, Greer, Griffin, Griffis, Griner, Grisson, Griswold, Grover, Gulls, Guthrey, Guthrie, Haddock, Hale, Hall, Halls, Hammond, Hammonds, Hancock, Hand, Harden, Hardie, HARDMAN, Hardy, Hargraves, Hargroves, Harmon, Harper, Harrell, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Harvey, Hatcher, Hatfield, Hatton, Hayes, Haynes, Hays, Head, Heald, Heath, Hen, Henderson, Henriet, Henriot, Henson, Heriot, Herman, Herrin, Herrington, Herris, Hersey, Hesters, Higgs, Hill, Hilliard, Hinson, Hinsons, Hiram, Hitch, Hixon, Hodge, Hogan, Holdzendorff, Holiday, Hol, Hollenworth, Holten, Holton, Home, Homer, Hooten, Howard, Howell, Hubert, Huggins, Hughes, Hughs, Hulett, Hunt, Hunter, Hursey, Huss, Hutchinson, Hutson, Hutto, Infinger, Ingrain, Ingram, Isaacs, Jackson, James, Jardine, Jeffcoat, Jefferson, Jeffrey, Johns, Johnson, Joiner, Jones, Jordan, Jordon, Jowers, Keene, Kelley, Kemp, Kendrick, Kight, Kilpatrick, King, Kirk, Kirks, Knight, Knowles, Kuhl, Kyler, Lafayette, Laidler, Laine, Laird, Lairsey, Lamar, Lane, Lanigan, Lankford, LaPrade, Larkins, Lasseter, Lassiter, Lastinger, Latimer, Lee, Leggett, Lemons, Levins, Lewis, Liedfelt, Lindsey, Little, Loftin, Long, Lott, Lotts, Love, Lowe, Lowery, Luke, Luther, Lyons, Mabry, Machet, Mack, Macklin, Maddox, Main, Maine, Mainor, Malpass, Mancil, Manley, Manning, Mannings, Mansel, Mars, Marshall, Martin, Matchet, Mathis, Maulden, Maxey, Mayo, McAdoo, McArthur, McCall, McCallie, McCallum, McCarthy, McClain, McCLATCHEY, McClean, McClel, McClendon, McColskey, McCormick, McCranie, McDaniels, McDonald, McDuffle, McEachin, McFadden, McGee, McGovern, McGoverns, McKay, McKinnon, McKinnons, McLane, McLean, McLendon, McLeod, McMillan, McMillen, McMillian, McNair, McNeil, McNeill, McPhail, McQuaig, McRae, McRaes, McWhite, Meek, Meeks, Melton, Memory, Mercer, Merier, Merrier, Merritt, Metts, Middleton, Milhollin, Miller, Mills, Minchew, Mingledoff, Minix, Mitchell, Mixon, Mobley, Mobly, Moody, Moon, MOORE, Moorman, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Mosely, Mote, Moultrie, Moye, Mundy, Murrey, Murry, Music, Myers, Naab, Nance, Nash, Neal, Needham, Neel, NEILL, Nelms, Nelson, Nettles, Neugent, Neugents, Newber, Newbern, Newborn, Newcurte, Newkirk, Newton, Nicholson, Nickson, Nipper, Nixon, Nolan, Nolans, Norman, Norris, Now, O'Berry, O'Brien, Odom, Odum, Oglethorpe, Olac-to-mico, Oldsmith, O'Mally, Oneal, O'Neal, Osborn, Osceola, Osteen, O'Steen, O'Steens, Overman, Overstreet, Owens, Paces, Pafford, Pallicer, Palmer, Paramore, Parker, Parks, Parrish, Passmore, Patton, Paulk, Payne, Peace, Pearsall, Pearson, Pearsons, Pedford, Perkins, Perry, Peterson, Philips, Phillips, Pickern, Pickerns, Pickren, Pittman, Pitts, Poer, Porter, Pouncie, Powell, Powers, Preston, Price, Prickett, Pridgen, Procter, Pulley, Purvis, Quillian, Quincey, Quinn, Rawls, Raymond, Redden, Reed, Reeves, Register, Reid, Reliham, RELIHAN, Remis, Rentz, Rewis, Rhem, Rich, Richey, Rickardson, Ricketson, Ricks, Riggnes, Riley, Roan, Robert, Roberts, Robinette, Robinowitz, Rodenberry, Roe, Rogar, Rogers, Rollie, Rollins, Rooks, Rowell, Row, Royal, Royals, Rozier, Rudolph, Ruff, Ruis, Rushing, RUSSELL, Ryals, Ryner, Salter, Samuel, Sanders, Sapp, Sauls, Saunders, Schumpert, Scruggs, Sears, Sellers, Sentell, Sermons, Seth, Shady, Shappell, Shaw, Shea, Shelnutt, Shelton, Shepherd, Shrouder, Shuman, Sibbett, Siddeth, Simmons, Sims, Sirmans, Sislar, Slappey, Slater, Slaughter, Sloughter, Smith, Smiths, Snipes, Solomen, Solomon, Solomons, SOUTHER, Spears, Speight, Spell, Spence, Spencer, Spikes, Spivey, Spiveys, Springer, Stallings, Stalnaker, Stalsvey, Stalvey, Stanford, Stanton, Starling, Stephen, Stephens, Stevens, Stewart, Stone, Story, Strick, Strong, Strozier, Stubbs, Sturges, Sturgis, Suddath, Suggs, Summer, Summerall, Summerlin, Sumner, Surmans, Surrency, Sutton, Swails, Swain, Swanson, Sweat, Taff, Talley, Tanner, Tanners, Taplye, Tarrant, Tarrent, Taylor, Taylors, Terrell, Teston, Testons, Thigpen, Thomas, Thompson, Thorne, Thornton, Thorpe, Thrash, Thrasher, Tift, Tillis, Tillman, Tillmon, Tinsley, Todd, Tomberlin, Tomlinson, Took, Toole, Toombs, Toomer, Touchton, Towns, Trapnell, Traynham, Trowel, Trowell, Tucker, Turner, Turrentine, Tyson, Upton, Varnadoe, Vaughn, Vereen, Vickers, Vincent, Vining, Vinson, Vinsons, Voigt, Waddell, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Walton, Ward, Ware, Washington, Waters, Watson, Weatherington, Weathers, Weitman, Wells, Wesley, Westbrook, Weston, Wheeler, Wheeless, Whelchel,, Whiddon, White, Whitehead, Whitley, Whitten, Wideman, Wiggins, Wilcox, Wilden, Wilds, Wiley, Wilkerson, Wilkinson, Willcox, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Willoughby, Wilson, Windfield, Wingard, Winn, Wolff, Wood, Woods, Wooten, Worth, Worthy, Wright, Wynn, Yancy, Yarberry, Yates, Yeomans, Yoemans, Yonn, Young, Youngblood, Zachary,