DMK Heritage

Washington County Tennessee Court of Pleas 1778-1799

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SECTIONS # 1 & 2 1778-1785 1787-1798 1798-1799



Court of Pleas contains court proceedings, jury lists, land sales, slave sales, appointment of estate executors, dowery settlements, assignment of guardianships, orders to inventory estates, etc. and a few marriages. This book contains 502 pages plus a 37 page index.


Abbott, Abel, Abell, Able, Action, Acton, Adair, Adams, Addington, Adkins, Adull, Aeton, Agan, AIKEN, Akins, Aldhoon, Alesean, Alexander, ALEXANDER, Alexr, Alhom, Alison, Allen, Allexander, Allicot, Allifor, Alliot, Allison, Allisons, Allott, Alphe, Alsop, Ambrose, Andeburk, Anderson, Andil, Andis, Andiz, Anthoney, Anthony, Antony, Arbuckell, Archer, Ardin, Armer, Armstrong, Arnold, Artacallaullah, Arundel, Arundell, Ash, Ashe, Asher, Ashier, Ashmore, Askiners, Assimors, Assimus, Aston, Attacallaculla, Austin, Auston, Authur, Averat, Avery, Baber, Bacon, Bader, Baeksvill, Bailerson, Bailes, Bailey, Bails, Baily, Baison, Baits, Bakee, Baker, BALDAN, Baldwin, Bale, Baley, Ball, Ballard, Balliger, Ballinger, Ban, Barclay, Barday, Bardy, Barkdill, Barker, Barkeville, Barkley, Barksdale, Barksdill, Barkson, Barksville, Barley, Barlick, Barlleson, Barlow, Barner, Barnes, Barns, Baron, Barr, Barren, Barres, Barrker, Barrn, Barron, Baskins, Baslis, Bass, Bassendine, Basvill, Batey, Baxter, Baylees, Bayles, Baylese, Bayless, Bayley, Bayleys, Baylis, Baylor, Bayly, Bayro, Beal, Bean, Beane, Beann, Beans, Bear, Beard, Bearden, Beardon, Beards, Bearing, Bears, Beaty, Beavley, Bebur, Beckman, Been, Beene, Beens, Beers, Begart, Belfom, Belfour, Bell, Belling, Below, Bemer, Benedict, Benett, Bennet, Bennett, Berd, Berksdill, Berley, Berlington, Berry, Betner, Beverley, Beverly, Bevyhouse, Bewley, Bewly, Bibby, Biddle, Biddlesom, Bidicum, Bigart, Billinger, Billings, Billingsly, Billington, Binghouse, Birch, Bird, Biren, Birksdell, Birmingham, Bishops, Bitner, Black, Blackburn, Blackham, Blackley, Blackwell, Blair, Blaire, Blakely, Blakly, Blanton, Bleekly, Blevins, Blevons, Blyth, Blythe, Bogard, Bogars, Bogart, Boggart, Bohannar, Bolick, Bollan, Bolow, Bolows, Bond, Bonds, Books, Booth, Boothe, Booths, Boren, Borens, Boring, Bormds, Boulding, Bouldwin, Boulstone, Boulten, Bounds, Bouring, Bowen, Bower, Bowers, Bowery, Bowlings, Bowman, Bowring, Bowyer, Bowyers, Box, Boyd, Boyer, Brachus, Bradcutt, Bradley, Bradly, Brady, Braison, Bramer, Brandon, Branet, Brasil, Bratton, Breaden, Breeden, Breedon, Brees, Brewley, Breye, Brian, Briant, Briceden, Brigham, Brigman, Brignam, Brigs, Briles, Brinner, Brison, Brittain, Brittan, Britten, Brittian, Britton, Brocedon, Brochen, Brochus, Brock, Broiles, Brook, Brooks, Brounel, Brown, Browning, Browns, Broyles, Bruer, Brufield, Bruley, Brumet, Brumett, Brumit, Brumitt, Brummit, Brung, Brunk, Brurnit, Bryan, Bryant, Bryany, Buccannon, Buchanan, Buchannon, Buck, Bugham, Bughart, Bull, Bullar, Bullard, Buller, Bullinger, Bullington, Bullor, Bulls, Bunday, Bundy, Bunton, Burby, Burden, Burdly, Burdy, Burgat, Burk, Burke, Burlason, Burleson, Burlington, Burlison, Burrow, Burrows, Burson, Burton, Bushress, Butler, Buxton, Bybee, Bylor, Byree, Cable, CACHE, Cair, Calaham, Calahan, Calberts, Calbet, Caldwell, Calhon, Callahan, Calleham, Callihan, Callwell, Calmont, Calvert, Calwell, Cameron, Campbell, Campbells, Campbles, Cannon, Canty, Capps, Carden, Carder, Carey, Caring, Carland, Carlin, Carly, Carmack, Carmeck, Carmell, Carmicall, Carmichael, Carmichaels, Carmichal, Carmichale, Carmicheal, Carmichle, Carmicle, Carmieekal, Carmile, Carney, Carny, Carogur, Carothers, Carr, Carreathers, Carriger, Carriger,, Carry, Carson, Carter, Carters, Carver, Casaday, Case, Casedy, Cash, Cashedy, Cashes, Casner, Cason, Cassady, Cassmer, Caswell, Cathart, Catlering, Causon, Cave, Cavert, Cavial, Cerven, Cervis, Chadle, Chamberlain, Chamberlin, Chambers, Chamble, Chancey, Chancy, Chanevy, Chapman, Chapps, Charag, Charke, Charlton, Charltons, Charter, Charters, Chaster,, Chatawood, Chenasty, Chester, Chew, Chilsom, Chinasttah, Chinatah, Chisem, Chislm, Chislom, Chism, Chisolem, Chisolm, Chisolmy, Chisom, Chissom, Chitwood, Choate, Chon, Choor, Chote, Christian, Christy, Christys, Citson, Clar, Clark, Clarke, Clarkedy, Clarks, Clarkwell, Clay, Clayton, Clerk, Clingen, Cloleson, Clover, Cloyd, Cloyde, Coal, Coalman, Coalter, Cobb, Cochran, Cock, Cocke, Cockwell, Coffee, Coffman, Cohar, Cohnon, Cohom, Colberson, Coleson, Collect, Coller, Collet, Collett, Collier, Colliham, Collin, Collings, Collins, Collinsworth, Collitt, Collman, Collom, Collonson, Collwell, Colter, Colton, Colvert, Colwell, Colyar, Colyer, Colyor, Combs, Comer, Comter, Condra, Condry, Conley, Conly, Contrill, Conway, Conyer, Conyerard, Cook, Cooper, Coopers, Cope, Copling, Copon, Cornelius, Corner, Coroway, Corzon, Cosson, Cotton, Coulter, Cove, Cowan, Cowans., Cowding, Cowen, Cowin, Cown, Cox, Coxe, Coyler, Coyson, Crabtree, Craft, Crameg, Crankshanks, CRAWFORD, Crawson, Crecilies, Cresslias, Crockett, Crookshanks, Cross, Crosswthite, Crouch, Crow, Cruthers, Cubben, Cuff, Culberson, Culbertson, Culbertsons, Culborn, Cullwell, Cultering, Culton, Culverson, Culwell, Cuningham, Cunningham, Curreathers, Currry, Cutlberson, Dail, Dails, Dale, DANIEL, Daniels, Danion, Darren, Davas, Daves, Davidson, Davis, Davises, Davison, Davisses, Davson, Daylay, Dayley, Dayly, Deacons, Deaderick, Deadwiler, Deakins, Deal, Deatheage, Deckins, Dedman, Dedrick, Deers, Dekins, Delaney, Delany, Dellia, Denard, Dennings, Denton, Dentons, depew, Depreast, Depue, Depugh, Derham, Desion, Devault, Dewham, Deyger, Dicken, Dickens, Dickerson, Dillans, Dillard, Dillards, Dilliard, Dillingham, Disar, Discon, Disney, Dixon, Doak, Doaks, Doaty, Dobbins, Dobkin, Dobkins, Dodd, Doddy, Dodson, Doherty, Donelson, Donnaly, Donnelly, Donnelson, Douglass, Dove, Dover, Downer, Drain, Drake, Drown, Duch, Duches, Dueberry, Duffield, Dugar, Duggar, Duggard, Dugger, Duggers, Duglass, Dugless, Dugly, Dull, Dumnum, Dun, Dunalop, Duncan, Duneone, Dunewoody, Dungan, Dungans, Dungens, Dungeth, Dunging, Dungons, Dungworth, Dunham, Dunings, Dunkam, Dunkan, Dunkin, Dunlap, Dunlop, Dunn, Dunurvet, DUNWODDIE, Dunwoody, Durham, Durin, Durram, Durson, Dye, Dyer, Dykes, Eaden, Eadon, Eagan, Eagen, Eager, Eain, Early, Earmile, Earner, Earnest, Eastep, Easter, Eaton, Edden, Edder, Eden, Edens, Edin, Edings, Edward, Edwards, Eldridge, Eliot, Elkins, Ellemon, Ellenmon, Elliot, Ellis, Ellmore, Elmore, Emberson, Emberton, Embree, Embrie, Embry, Emert, Emmerie, Emmert, Emmery, Eneson, England, Engle, English, Eniach, Enson, Epperson, Ervin, Ervwin, Erwin, Erwon, Estage, Estes, Eton, Evans, Everat, Everett, Evert, EWING, Fain, Fains, Fane, Farris, Farvilliam, Fauling, Fellker, Fellow, Fenley, Fentress, Fergerson, Ferguson, Ferrin, Field, Finch, Fine, Finley, Fipe, Fitchgaral, Fitzgarald, Fitzgerald, Flamery, Flanary, Flanery, Flannary, Flannery, Flanry, Flecher, Fletcher, Floncoy, Foalla, Foarce, Foard, Folling, Fonhand, Foos, Ford, Ford., Forester, Forgerson, Forguson, Forister,, Fose, Fouler, Fouling, Fouse, Fowler, Fraker, Frame, Frances, Francis, Fream, Freeman, French, Fuller, Fullerlain, Fulton, Furgerson, Furgrson, Fustar, Fuston, Gadger, Gaines, Galaher, Galbreath, Gale, Gallaspie, Galleher, Gallighe, Galligher, Galliher, Galt, Gambell, Gambil, Gamble, Gambril, Gambrill, Gambull, Gan, Ganegers, Gann, GARDNER, Garland, Garlands, Garner, Garrett, Garrison, Garrott, Garrson, Gasper, Gates, Gaut, Gazach, Gearce, Gentry, GEORGE, Gerst, Gert, Gest, Geter, Geziah, Gibson, Gilaspie, Giles, Gilespie, Gilharty, Gilispie, Gillabone, Gillahen, Gillaland, Gilla-lo-ma, Gillam, Gilland, Gillashy, Gillaspie, Gillaspy, Gillebone, Gilleland, Gillespee, Gillespie, Gillespy, Gilliland, Gillispie, Gillospy, Ginkere, Ginkins, Ginley, Gist, Gittasky, Gizieah, Glasgore, Glasgow, Glass, Glasscock, Glasscocke, Glasswork, GLAZE, Glengen, Glyon, Goad, Goan, Goar, Goarce, Goather, Godfrey, Goin, Going, Goir, Goodem, Gooden, Goodin, Goodman, Goodpason, Goodpaster, Goodpasture, Gooson, Gordan, Gorden, Gordon, Gorley, Gott, Gould, Gourley, Gourly, Gourtery, Gowin, Gowley, Gowly, Goziah, Gragg, Graham, Gran, Grate, Graves, Gray, Grayham, Grayson, Green, Greenaway, Greene, Greenlee, Greenway, Greer, Greere, Gregg, Gregge, Greggs, Gregory, Gridstaff, Grier, Griffin, Grimes, Grind, Grindstaff, Griner, Grisham, Grishm, Grissam, Grissom, Grooms, Growly, Grubb, Grymes, Gudger, Guin, Guins, Guire, Gupson, Gurtay, Guyer, Gyer, Gyre, Gyred, Gyres, Hacker, Haddin, Haddon, Hagan, Hagard, Hager, Hagerty, Haggard, Haggerty, Hail, HAILE, Haily, Haimes, Haine, Hains, Hair, Haire, Hairee, Hale, Hales, Hall, Hall,, Hamelton, Hamer, Hameton, Hamilton, Hammar, Hammer, Hammond, Hammonds, Hammons, Hamner, Hamocks, Hampons, Hampson, Hampton, Hamptons, Hand, Handley, Handly, Hankins, Hanley, Hanleys, Hanly, Hanna, Hannah, Hannas, Hanner, Hanson, Hants, Harbinson, Harbison, Hardamon, Hardeman, Harden, Hardiman, Hardimean, Hardin, Harding, Hardison, Hardly, Hardman, Hardon, Harkins, Harkly, Harle, Harley, Harman, Harmon, Harner, Harnson, Harold, Harrel, Harris, Harrison, Harrisons, Harrold, Harserl, Hart, Hartisan, Hartzel, Harvey, Harwood, Haskins, Haslet, Hastings, Hatcher, Hatchos, Hathhorn, Hathorn, Hatter, Haun, Hawkins, Hawn, Haws, Hawthorn, Hawthorne, Hay, Hayes, Hayfield, Hays, Hayton, Headerick, Headly, Headrick, Heamon, Heamor, Heatherick, Heatherly, Heatherout, Heathersoad, Heathly, Heathrick, Heaton, Heckky, Hedepeth, Heder, Hederick, Hedgepath, Hedgepeth, Hedghtl, Hedgpath, Hedgpeth, Hedrick, Helms, Helton, Henderson, Hendley, Hendly, Hendrakes, Hendrick, Hendricks, Hendrix, Henley, Henry, Hercleroad, Hethaly, Hickkey, Hickky, Hickley, Hicks, Hider, Hides, Hidgpeth, Higdon, Higg ___, Higgins, Higgons, Hill, Hindley, Hine, Hines, Hinks, HINSON, Hirdon, Hise, Hiss, Hitler, Hobson, Hodge, Hodges, Hogan, Hogg, Holland, Hollaway, Holley, Hollis, Hollit, Holliway, Hollon, Holly, Holms, Holt, Homer, Hood, Hooker, Hooper, Hopker, Hopkins, Hopper, Hordman, Hordon, Horn, Hors, Horse, Horton, Hose, Hosese, Hoskin, Hoskings, Hoskins, Hoss, Hosse, Houghn, Hought,, Houghton, Houn, House, Houston, Houstons, Howard, Howards, Howel, Hoyton, Hubbard, Huckey, Huckky, Hucky, Hudgepeth, Hudibuck, Hudiburk, Hudlebark, Hues, Huffman, Hufman, Huggens, Hugh, Hughes, Hughs, Hukky, Hulky, Hull, Hully, Hulton, Humphereys, Humphrey, Humphreys, Humphries, Humphrys, Hunt, Hunter, Hurt, Huston, Hutchings, Hutchins, Hutton, Hyder, Ingle, Ingles, Inglish, Ingram, Inhers, Inman, Inmans, Ireland, Irvan, Irven, Irvin, Irwin, Irwine, Irwins, Isbell, Isbels, Isiville, Ivan, Ivery, Ivey, Ivy, Jackson, Jacobs, Jales, James, James,, Jamison, Janachins, Janakin, Jenkens, Jenkins, Jennison, Jerby, Jerkins, Jervis, Jinkens, Jinkin, Jinkins, Joab, Joanakin, Job, Jobe, Jobs, Johnson, Johnston, Johnstone, Jonachin, Jonackin, Jonagen, Jonakin, Jones, Jordan, Jordon, Jowan, Junamn, Juvine, Kale, Kana, Karr, Kaskind, Kattering, Keat, Keebler, Keel, Keele, Keen, Keena, Keenor,, Keer, Kees, Keeson, Keiker, Keith, Kelley, Kelly, Kelsay, Kelsey, Kelso, Kelsoe, Kelson, Kelvin, Kenchaloe, Kenchelow, Kenchlow, Kencholow, Kendee, Kendle, Keneblow, Kenedy, Kennedy, KENNEY, Kenson, Ker, Kerby, Kerkendall, Kerkerdall, Kerna, Kerr, Keys, Keziah, Kilburn, Killion, Kinchaloe, Kincheloe, Kinchelow, Kinchlow, Kindaid, King, Kings, Kinkendol, Kinney, Kirdendall, Kirkade, Kirkelland, Kirkendal, Kirkendale, Kirkendall, Kirkendell, Kirkindale, Kirkindall, Kirkingdol, Kirkkindall, Kirklandall, Kirkpatrick, Kite, Kites, Knave, Knight, Kuane, Kukindall, Kuykendall, Laccky, Lacey, Lackings, Lackky, Lacky, Lacy, Lain, Laine, Lair, Lam, Lamb, Lammons, Lamms, Lamon, Land, Lands, Lane, Lang, Langford, Lanham, Lannis, Lany, Lapsly, Large, Larkin, Larkings, Larkins, Larmack, Latin, Latt, Laurence, Law, Lawn, Laws, Lawson, Layer, Layman, Layne, Layon, Leach, Lear, Leark, Leathers, Ledford, Lee, Leeper, Leggat, Leming, Lemmon, Lemmons, Lemon, Lemons, Lemples, Lemworth, Lennox, Lester, Lewis, Liddle, Ligget, Light, Lilburn, Linclane, Lincoln, Lindley, Lindner, Lindsey, Lindsly, Linville, Lions, Lipham, Lipley, Lister, Litle, Little, Littles, Lockrager, Lodspeke, Logan, Loggan, Long, Longmire, Longmires, Longmore, Lonvir, Lony, Looney, Loony, LOORY, Lott, Lourey, Love, Lovelady, Lovely, Low, Lowe, Lowery, Lowry, Loyd, Loyed, Lucas, Luckey, Luethold, Lusk, Luske, Luther, Lydell, Lydle, Lye, Lyle, Lyles, Lymer, Lynes, Lyon, Lyons, Lyte, M' Donald, Maccashlin, Mace, Macey, MACING, Mackbee, Mackez, Mackin, MACKING, Macklin, Macklins, Maclin, Maclins, MacNabb, Macoral, Maey, Maffe, Maffel, Maffet, Maffeth, Maffett, Maffle, Magbell, Magby, Magill, Maglohlon, Magoff, Maguff, Mahoney, Maighhar, Mains, Majors, Malkoy, Maper, Mariele, Marry, Marshall, Marten, Martin, Mary, Masengal, Masengill, Masingal, Masingell, Mason, Massengail, Massengale, Massengall, Massengil, Massengill, Massingail, Massingal, Massingale, Massingall, Massingil, Massingill, Masters, Maston, Mathers, Mathes, Mathews, Matlock, Matthews, Mattlock, Mattock, Maufelt, MAUNG, Maury, Mauy, Mavis, Mawhuter, Mawhutin, Maxfield, Maxwall, Maxwell, May, Maybell, Mayfield, McAdams, McAdoo, McAfee, McAfees, McAff, McAlester, McAlister, McAllester, McAllister, McAllistr, McArava, McAravery, McAvery, McBath, McBee, McBell, McBride, McBryant, McCain, McCall, McCalmont, McCammin, McCammon, McCartney, McCarty, McCary, McCaul, McCaull, McClain, McClean, McCleme, McClemee, Mcclin, McCloud, McCoffey, McCollom, McCombs, McConnel, McConnell, McCord, McCorkle, McCormack, McCormell, McCowan, McCown, McCoy, McCracking, McCrary, McCray, McCreary, McCubbin, McCubbins, McCumsy, McCunnings, McCutching, McCutthing, McDaniel, McDaniels, McDonal, McDonald, McDonall, McDonnald, McDowel, McElroy, McErwin, McFaling, Mcfall, McFarland, McFarlin, McFarling, Mcferin, Mcferran, Mcferrin, McGee, McGentry, McGenty, McGhee, McGinnes, McGinnis, McGinty, McGlohlin, McGlophin, McGubbin, McGuinnas, McGuire, McIntire, McIntoff, McIntorf, McIntosh, McInturf, McInturff, McKee, McKenny, McKey, McKie, McKlin, Mcklins, Mclain, McLame, McLand, McLaughlin, McLean, McLien, McLin, McLoid, M'Cloud, McMacken, McMackon, McMahen, McMahon, McMahone, McMalhen, McManon, McMurty, McNabb, McNabbs, McNair, McNairey, McName, McNamee, McNary, McNit, McNitt, McNutt, M'Cord, M'Corkle, McPeak, McPeke, McPeters, McPharson, McPherson, McPike, McQuean, McRice, McWhorter, McWirter, McWorter, Meck, Meckley, Mecklin, Medlock, Meduch, Meeck, Meecks, Meek, Meeks, Meginness, Meklin, Melion, Meloon, Melvan, Melvin, Menton, Mercer, Merritt, Merry, Mersea, Messon, Metabel, Metcalf, Metlock, Mettle, Mewhouse, Michael, Michell, Michels, Michl, Micklen, Micklin, Micon, Middleton, Midleton, Milburn, Miliken, Milkern, Millar, Millean, Millear, Milleon, Miller, Millers, Milliam, Millian, Millican, Milligan, Milliken, Millikens, Millikon, Million, Millon, Milsaps, Milsop, Milvin, Minler, Minn, Minnis, Minton, Miser, Mitchael, Mitchel, Mitchell, Mitchells, Mite, M'Kee, Mocket, Moffat, Moffet, Moffett, Moires, Moler, Molers, Monasco, Money, Montgomery, Montgumry, Moody, Moor, Moore, Moores, Moorland, Moory, Mooser, More, Moreland, Morer, Morgan, Moriss, Morland, Morns, Morrcer, Morries, Morris, Morrison, MORRISS, Morrow, Morse, Morvey, Mosely, Moses, Moss, Moulden, Moulder, Mouldin, Muhley, Mulcky, Mulkey, Mulligan, Mullings, Mullins, Murcerer, Murfey, Murphey, Murphy, Murray, Murrays, Murrey, Murry, Muttock, Myhan, Nail, Nale, Nants, Narree, Nation, Nave, Navee, Neace, Neal, Nealson, Neelson, Neilson, Nellar, Nellson, Nelly, Nelson, Nely, Nesbit, Newbery, Newland, Newlar, Newman, Nicholas, Nicholds, Nicholes, Nichols, Nilbran, Nimoe, Nisbit, Nodding, Noddings, Noding, Noffett, Noffler, Nolan, Noland, Nole, Nolen, Nooding, North, Norton, Norwood, Nowland, Nowlin, Nuckles, O'Brien, Ocemosto, Odaniel, Oddel, Oddell, Odder, Oddle, Odell, Odeneal, Odle, Odnale, Odonal, O'Donnald, Odull, Odull,, Odwell, Oldham, Oldhams, Olhom, Ordis, Orr, Orseborn, Osgames, Ossamess, Ossemus, Owen, Owens, Owin, Ozamus, Packet, Padfield, Pain, Paine, Painter, Pair, Pairs, Palmer, Panely, Panther, Paramon, Paramoor, Parey, Paris, Parkason, Parke, Parker, Parkerson, Parkeson, Parkesson, Parkinson, Parkison, Parksons, Parsley, Parson, Pasly, Patrick, Patson, Patten, Patterson, Pattersons, Patton, Paul, Payamore, Payn, Payne, Peacer, Peane, Pearce, Pearcefield, Pearifull, Pearly, Pearse, Pearson, PeaveyHouse, Peevehouse, Pegg, Pemfley, Penington, Penney, PENNY, Penson,, Peoples, Pererson, Pergmase, Perimore, Perkhouse, Perkins, Perkinson, Perrefield, Perrifields, Perrimore, Perromore, Perry, Perryrmore, Person, Perymore, Peter, Peters, Peters,, Petit, Petner, Pevehouse, Pevifield, Pevihouse, Pevyhouse, Pew, Philips, Phillipps, Phillips, Phips, Pickens, Pierce, Pierson, Pig, Pigg, Piner, Pitner, Poke, Polleg, Polley, Polson, Porter, Postelweight, Poster, Postle, Poteet, Potter, potts, Power, Powland, Prather, Pree, Preehard, Preison, Presble, Pretworth, Price, Prichard, Primmer, Printer, Pritchard, Pritchell, Pritchet, Pritchett, Proffit, Profitt, Pruct, Pryburn, Prymore, Pudfield, Pue, Pugh, Pursell, Pursley, Pursly, Pyburn, Rader, Ragan, Raihbolt, Rainbolt, Ralmer, Ralston, Ramsey, Randolf, Randolph, Rang, Range, Raven, Rawling, Rawlings, Rawlison, Ray, Raymond, Reace, Read, Reader, Readers, Reading, Reasnor, Reasoner, Reatch, Redding, Reding, Redman, Reed, Reeding, Rees, Reese, Reesher, Reeves, Rehees, Reign, Remsey, Reneo, Renfro, Rennaw, Renno, Rennoe, Rennolds, Reno, Renoe, Renoes, Reuble, Reve, Reverson, Reves, Reynolds, Rhea, Rice, Richard, Richards, Richardson, Richerdson, Richey, Richy, Ricthley, Riddle, Rider, Rife, Rifes, Riffe, Risiner, Ritchee, Ritchey, Ritchie, Roach, Roads, Roan, Roase, Roases, Roatch, Roberson, Roberston, Robert, Roberts, Robertson, Robertsons, Robeson, Robinson, Robinsons, Robison, Robittson, Roddy, Roder, Rodgers, Rody, Rogers, Roggers, Roland, Ronnie, Roolth, Roorson, Roose, Rose, Ross, Rouse, Rowland, Rowling, Rubel, Rubell, Rubey, Ruble, Ruby, Ruddull, Rue, Rundall, Runnels, Russ, Russel, Russell, Rusten, Rutedge, Rutherfoard, Rutherford, Rutledge, Ryan, Ryburn, Ryelas, Rymal, Ryon, Saduskey, Saffold, Salsber, Salts, Sames, Samms, Sample, Samples, Sams, Sands, Saravall, Sarten, Scoggins, Scot, Scott, Scraggs, Scroggs, Scruggs, Sear, Searight, Seay, Seducas, Sedusky, Selther, Semples, Senider, Senler, Serghouse, Serville, Sevier, Seviers, Shain, Shandys, Shank, Shanks, Shannon, Shark, Sharke, Sharks, Sharley, Sharp, Shaw, Sheal, Sheals, Sheat, Sheet, Sheilds, Shelby, Shelly, Sherley, Sherrel, Sherrill, Shervill, Sherville, Shields, Shilds, Shiles, Shipley, Shiply, Shipman, Shoat, Shoate, Shote, Shoults, Shoutts, Shults, Shultz, Shurley, Shurly, Sidner, Simerly, Simmerlin, Simmon, Simmons, Simon, Simons, Simpson, Skyger, Slack, Slaughter, Sliger, Sligers, Sligger, Sloan, Slyger, Slygr, Smaller, Smalling, Smilar, Smith, Smithpeter, Smiths, Smithson, Snider, Snoddy, Snody, Snyder, Sommerville, Sothern, Souter, Spear, Spears, Spencer, Spendall, Spindall, Sprigs, Squib, Squibb, Stanfield, Stansbury, Stansby, Starnes, Starns, Staurt, Stenson, Stepenson, Stephen, Stephens, Stephenson, Sterling, Stevenson, Stewart, Stewarts, Stillman, Stillmant, Stinson, Stodard, Stoddy, Stone, Storey, Storm, Stormer, Storms, Story, Stout, Strain, Straton, Strother, Stuart, Stuarts, Stump, Stwarts, Sutherland, Swany, Sweeton, Tabotts, Tacket, Tackett, Tadbock, Tadlah, Tadlock, Talbert, Talbort, Talbot, Talbots, Talbott, Tally, Tanner, Tapp, Tarbot, Tarhson, Tate, Taylor, Taylors, Tayton, Teager, Teary, Tedland, Tedlock, Tegman, Templin, Teraggs, Terbet, Terill, Terrell, Terrill, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Thornburg, Thornton, Thorntons, Thorton, Thurman, Tidwell, Tiffen, Tiffin, Timbook, Timbrook, Tipton, Tiptons, Tittle, Tittsworth, Todd, Tolbert, Tolbot, Tolbott, Tolland, Tolley, Tolly, Tombleson, Tompson, Tool, Torbott, Tracey, Tracy, Travallian, Travillean, Trelley, Trimble, Trimbles, Troter, Trotter, Trotters, Troy, Tucker, Tulley, Tullis, Tully, Turbet, Turbott, Turbutt, Turkey, Turley, Turpley, Turrill, Tye, Tyr, Ty-r, Underwood, Vaich, Vance, Vanderpool, Vaner, Vanerson, Vantress, Vaught, Vennerson, Ventreas, Ventrees, Ventress, Ventriess, Verony, Vinah, Vincent, Vinson, Vintress, Virel, Virele, Virell, Vonn, Waddell, Waddill, Waddle, Waddon, Waggoner, Wagoner, Wains, Wait, Wakefield, Waldredge, Waldridge, Waldron, Walker, Wall, Walla, Wallace, Wallas, Wallen, Waller, Wallis, Wallow, Walls, Walter, Walter,, Walters, Walton, Wanderwadle, Ward, Ware, Warring, Wary, Wastam, Waston, Watkins, Watson, Watton, Wayley, Wealdride, Wear, Weaver, Webb, Webster, Weir, Wells, WENDERWILL, Were, West, Westain, Wester, Westfall, Weston, WHEATSON, Wheeler, Wheelock, Wheelock,, Whelock, White, Whiteside, Whiteson, Whitlock, Whitson, Whitten, Whittenton, Wier, Wigley, Wiley, Wilhite, Wilkins, Willenawaugh, Willengright, Willett, Willfing, Willfrong, Willhite, William, Williams, Williamson, Wills, Willson, Wilson, Wilsons, Wily, Winderwidle, Winebush, Wire, Wisher, Wit, Witt, Wolf, Wollas, Wollos, Wollows, Womack, Womacke, Wood, Wooddier, Woode, Woodland, Woodly, Woods, Wooldrige, Worley, Wray, Wright, Wyat, Wylee, Wyley, Wylie, Wyur, Yages, Yancy, Yates, Yeager, Yearcy, Yearly, Yegors, Yerby, York, Young, Youngs, Yowell,